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Fishing Reports

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Last updated: Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Northeast South Dakota

Lake Fishing Report
Enemy Swim A Few walleyes.
Horseshoe Few reports.
Pelican A few walleye.
Dry Lake #2(By Willow Lake) Walleyes and pike fair to good.
Big Stone Lake A few walleye.
Poinsett Walleye and pike fair.
Lake Hendricks A few walleye.
Bitter Lake Walleyes fair.
Waubay Walleyes fair and a few pike.
Reetz A few walleye.
Dry Lake #3 (By Florence) A few walleye.
Pickerel Lake Crappie fair and a few walleye.
West Oakwood A few small walleye and perch.
Swan Lake A few walleye and pike.
Lake Kampeska A few walleye.
Piyas A few walleye and perch.
Blue Dog A few walleye walleye from shore.
Lake Cochrane Few reports.
Casey's Slough A few walleye.
Indian Springs Walleyes fair.
Lynn Lake A few walleye and pike.
Dry Lake #1 (Clark/Garden City) A few walleyes.
Traverse A few walleyes.
Lake Albert A few pike.
Lake Henry Walleyes fair, especially in the morning.
Roy Lake A few walleye and smallmouth bass.
Crocker Slough A few walleyes.

Southeast South Dakota

Lake Fishing Report
Madison Walleyes fair along with a few small perch.
Vermillion A few walleyes and crappie.
Lake Herman A few walleyes.
Wall Lake A few walleyes, small perch and bluegill.
Lake Alvin Perch and crappie fair.
Diamond A few small walleye.
Scott's Slough Perch and crappie fair to good along with a few walleye.
Island A few perch and walleye.
81 Ponds Walleyes fair.
George WPA A few walleyes.
Twin Lakes (by Montrose) A few walleyes.
Thompson Walleyes and crappies fair from boat and shore
Brandt A few walleyes and pike.
Whitewood A few pike and small perch.
Spirit Lake (North of De Smet) A few walleye.
Henry WPA A few Walleyes.
Family Park (Western Sioux Falls) Trout fair and a few pike and bluegill.
Mitchell A few bluegill and crappie.
Menno A few bluegill.
Beaver Few walleye.
Sinai A few walleye.
Brush A few walleye.
Loss Few reports.
East Oakwood Walleyes fair..

Northwest Iowa

Lake Fishing Report
Spirit Lake A few bluegill and crappie.
Silver Lake Few reports.
East Okoboji A few bluegill and perch.
West Okoboji Perch fair to good. A few bluegill.
Lake Pahoja A few bluegill and perch.

Southwest Minnesota

Lake Fishing Report
Shetek A few perch.
Sarah Few reports.
Benton A few pike.
West Graham Few reports.
Round Few reports.
Okabena Few reports.

Missouri River

River Fishing Report
Mobridge Walleyes fair.
Pierre A few walleyes.
Fort Thompson Walleyes fair.
Chamberlain Walleyes fair to good.
Platte Walleyes fair to good.
Pickstown Walleyes fair to good.
Yankton A few walleyes.

Other Rivers

River Fishing Report
James River Slow.
Big Sioux Walleyes fair Sioux Falls and south.

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