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Fishing Reports

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Last updated: Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Northeast South Dakota

Lake Fishing Report
Enemy Swim Bluegills fair to good.
Horseshoe Few walleyes.
Pelican Few walleyes.
Dry Lake #2(By Willow Lake) Walleyes and perch fair.
Big Stone Lake Perch fair to good.
Poinsett A few perch and walleye.
Lake Hendricks A few perch.
Bitter Lake A few walleyes and perch.
Waubay Perch and walleyes fair, along with a few crappie on north end.
Reetz Few walleyes and crappie.
Dry Lake #3 (By Florence) Few walleyes.
Pickerel Lake A few crappies and walleyes.
West Oakwood A few walleye and perch.
Swan Lake Few walleyes.
Lake Kampeska A few walleyes and pike.
Piyas Perch fair and a few walleye.
Blue Dog Walleyes fair.
Lake Cochrane A few bluegill.
Casey's Slough Walleyes fair.
Indian Springs Perch and walleye fair.
Lynn Lake A few walleyes.
Dry Lake #1 (Clark/Garden City) A few walleyes.
Traverse A few walleye.
Lake Albert A few walleye and pike.
Lake Henry A few walleye.
Roy Lake A few walleye.
Crocker Slough A few walleyes.

Southeast South Dakota

Lake Fishing Report
Madison A few small perch and walleye.
Vermillion A few walleyes.
Lake Herman A few small perch.
Wall Lake A few small perch and bluegill.
Lake Alvin A few perch and crappie.
Diamond A few small walleye and perch.
Scott's Slough A few walleye, crappie, and perch.
Island A few perch.
81 Ponds Walleyes fair and a few perch west pond. A few perch east pond.
Long (south of Lake Madison) Iced over.
Twin Lakes (by Montrose) Walleye fair late afternoon and evening.
Thompson A few walleye and perch. Crappie fair in Schaeffer's Slough.
Brandt A few pike.
Whitewood Fair for perch and a few walleye.
Spirit Lake (North of De Smet) A few walleye.
Henry WPA A few walleye.
Family Park (Western Sioux Falls) A few trout and bluegill.
Mitchell A few bluegill and crappie.
Menno Bluegill fair to good.
Beaver Few reports.
Sinai A few walleye.
Brush Perch fair to good south Brush.
Loss A few walleye.
Spencer Slough Few reports.

Northwest Iowa

Lake Fishing Report
Spirit Lake A few bluegill, crappie, and walleye.
Silver Lake A few walleye.
East Okoboji A few bluegill and perch.
West Okoboji A few bluegill.
Lake Pahoja A few bluegill and perch.

Southwest Minnesota

Lake Fishing Report
Shetek A few perch and walleye.
Sarah A few walleye.
Benton A few walleye.
West Graham Few reports.
Round A few walleye.
Okabena A few walleye.

Missouri River

River Fishing Report
Mobridge Slow.
Pierre Slow.
Fort Thompson Slow.
Chamberlain Slow.
Platte Slow.
Pickstown Slow.
Yankton Slow.

Other Rivers

River Fishing Report
James River Icing up.
Big Sioux Icing up.

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