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Scalers & misc. tools

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Bicco Fish Scaler

Easy to operate, economical and compact. No more flying fish scales. [more]

Eagle Claw Line Clipper
$3.19 - $4.79

Choose a regular or jumbo size. [more]

Eagle Claw Line Clipper Kits

TACCKIT-1-Jig Eye Cleaner & Line Clipper Kit w/lanyard. TACCKIT-2 - Hook Sharpener & Line Clipper Kit w/lanyard. TACCKIT-3 - Jig Eye Cleaner, Line Clipper & Hook Sharpener Kit w/lanyard. [more]

Baker Mini Hookout®

Because of its compact size, the Mini HooKouT is ideal for use on smaller fish and by fly fisherman. With its T-shaped handle, it can slip into any pocket for easy access. The Mini is easy to use: just squeeze, twist and remove a hook or lure. Made of non-corrosive materials it will provide many… [more]

Eagle Claw Fish Scaler

Fish Scaler 7" [more]


The Fisherman's Multi-Tool combines the most commonly used tools by an angler into one convenient package. Die-cast metal frame with Soft Grip Handle for a secure and comfortable grip. [more]


Stainless steel construction for rust prevention, Serrated cutting edge designed to grip and hold braided line. Diamond hook sharpening file keeps your hooks sharp. Oversized finger holes for comfortable cutting. Adjustable center screw to keep cutting tight. [more]

Rapala RFMTC Fisherman's Tool Combo

Rapala RFMTC Fisherman's Tool Combo, Superline Scissors, 8-1/2" Fisherman's Pliers, 25 Pound Mini Digital Scale, 24" Folding Ruler [more]

Rapala SAMSH Salt Angler's Mono

Rapala SAMSH Salt Angler's Mono Shears 7.5", serrated cutting edge, stainless steel, spring loaded molded handles, enlarged grips and lock feature for safety [more]

Rapala SRSD-1 Salt Super Line

Rapala SRSD-1 Salt Super Line Scissors, serrated cutting edge, stainless steel construction, larger finger holes for ease of use with gloves [more]


Stainless steel construction hook remover. Permanent lock tip securely fastens to hook, allowing quick and easy removal without harm to prey. Built-in hook file & detachable hand lanyard keeps. [more]

Culprit ®

Perfect for cutting today's braided fishing lines. This economical set of blades easily cuts the strongest braided line as close as 1/8" from the knot. Rust-resistant, oversized handles, left or right-handed. [more]

R&R Dehooker For R & R Sabiki Hook

Unique "R" shaped wire design maximizes ease of dehooking by keeping the line in place while fish is removed. Designed for bait fishing, hook sizes #4 to #10 and fish up to about 2 lbs. Epoxy coated foam handle with unique thumb support for speedier decoking. [more]

Momoi Diamond Pro Splicer Kit

Made from Medical grade 304 Stainless Steel Hypodermic Tubing. [more]

Rainbow Shoot Out Hookout

Made in USA of quality rust resistant materials. Environmentally safe for salt or freshwater. [more]

Eagle Claw 6" Fish Mouth Spreader
$4.09 - $4.59

Eagle Claw Fish Mouth Spreaders keep your digits safe from toothy critters. Fish Mouth Spreaders to make hook removal easy and, more importantly, safe for your fingers. Made from coated, galvanized steel, and lock open instantly. [more]

Evolution Ultimate Braid Scissors

Guaranteed to cut braid clean every time. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. [more]

Big Norm's Big Norms Magic Scaler

Designed with "free-floating" fingers which remove scales quickly and easily without the scales flying in all directions. [more]

Billfisher Wire Cutters

For hard/straight wire. 7-1/2" in length. A great tool to have around the house or the boat. [more]


Has a coiled, telephone cord lanyard to keep the dehooker on your wrist for ease of dehooking Designed for fish up to about 2 lbs 6" Length [more]

Buck 0030RDS Splizzors Clam

Splizzors Clam [more]

Owner Super Cut Scissors

"Super Cut" scissors effortlessly cut through even the "finest" micro-threads of today's high tech braided lines. Made from stainless steel, have durable high impact handles and include a handy soft padded sheath with attachment loop. [more]

Rite Angler Mortician Needles

Stainless steel construction available in 4" and 6" length with extra wide eye for easy threading. [more]

Rite Angler Bait Remover

Used to remove bait fish from quill rigs and gold hooks. Simply catch line with Bait Remover and pull down to hook. While keeping pressure on line and hook, shake bait fish until unhooked. [more]

R&R Dehooker
$11.99 - $14.99

The large Dehooker is designed with two dehooking surfaces, the furthest "U" from the handle is used to shake a fish off the hook, like our other models. The closest "U" to the handle is designedto dislodge a hook deep in the mouth, by pushing the hook away while holding onto the leader. [more]

Eagle Claw Baiting Needles
$3.19 - $3.59

A useful tool when out on the water threading bait. [more]

Berkley Hot Line Cutter

Instantly cuts and cauterizes all types of fishing line. Prevents line from fraying and knots from slipping. Replaceable tungsten tip instantly heat to 1200°F and retracts when not in use. Includes replacement tip, 2 AAA batteries, and lanyard included. [more]

Challenge Fish Scaler

This angler's tool features a specially designed and molded end for scaling fish. [more]

Rite Angler 4½

Features turned down end for easy threading. [more]

122 Results
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