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Eagle Claw Inshore Kahle Saltwater Hooks

Offset and non-forged. [more]


Features new forged needle technology (FNT) Points. No more point rollover. 20 Pegs x 5 packs/peg on 16 pegs PLUS 4 pegs of Trebles packed two per peg on 2 sides. Outrigger is preloaded with non-intrusive 2" pegs, back-tagged & comes with everything needed. Installs in less than 60 seconds -… [more]

Owner Ssw In-line Circle
$7.09 - $35.99

These hooks have a straight eye, plus an in-line shank and hook point that qualifies as tournament legal. Features include an all-purpose medium shank, a super-sharp "hangnail" point, and a corrosion-resistant black chrome finish. Ideal for presenting big baits to husky game fish like striped bass,… [more]

Eagle Claw Extreme Live Bait Hd Saltwater Hooks

Heavy wire, non-offset, welded eye and is forged. [more]

VMC Numerical order by Item Number
$5.49 - $34.99

Non-Offset. Tournament approved. Extra wide gap. Vanadium steel forged. Needle cone point. Black Nickel in color. [more]

Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp®
$3.29 - $3.69

Ideal for Bass fishing! Bronze. 8 pack. [more]

Eagle Claw Trokar Ewg Hooks

Extra wide gap worm hook with Z-Bend, non-offset, forged, ringed eye. [more]

Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp®
$5.89 - $5.99

Eagle Claw's Lazer Sharp Red Stinger rubber-dipped rigs feature a 2X strong, Red Stinger Treble Hook with an adjustable loop and Lazer Sharp needle points. Made in USA. 3 pack. [more]

VMC Numerical order by Item Number
$6.33 - $6.79

Completely eliminate the line twist that has long plagued drop shot rigs, while also improving the action of your baits, and improving hooksets. By incorporating a light, but super strong, high-carbon steel spinning system into their premium 7119 drop shot hook, the VMC Spin Shot guarantees 100%… [more]

Eagle Claw Re-volve Hooks

Features rotational shank, sliced shank, ringed eye and forged. [more]

VMC Numerical order by Item Number
$4.29 - $4.59

This award winning hook as become VMC signature hook. A deadly combination of a wide gap single hook with a treble hook. Features rotated Inline eye. Cone cut. Scorpion shape. [more]

Team Catfish Jack Hammer Bait Hooks
$3.39 - $4.29

A great all purpose hook for live, cut, and manufactured bait. Needle sharp and super strong, they allow you to set the hook anyway you want. [more]

VMC NK#2/0BNVP Neko Hook Black

Neko Hook Black Nickel #2/0 (25 Pack) [more]

$3.49 - $4.99

VMC Spindrift Hooks feature an integrated swivel to hook system. These hooks have a built-in stainless steel swivel which reduces line twists by enabling rotation, even at very low speeds. These hooks have a technical bend, designed for increased hooking rates while trolling, drifting, Carolina… [more]

Team Catfish Dip Bait Tube Treble Hooks
$4.29 - $4.59

This is a red dip bait tube treble hook. It is great for dough balling and features 4x strong and able to hold lots of bait. [more]

Tru-Turn Bronze Baitholder Hooks
$2.29 - $2.79

2 slice, down eye, forged. Ideal for worms, salmon eggs and cut bait. [more]

Daiichi Fatgap Worm/tube

Great for tubes and fat plastics. [more]

Eagle Claw Lancet Offset Hooks

Features offset, light wire, wide gap, welded eye and is forged. [more]

Mister Twister Keeper®
$3.19 - $5.09

The key is the barbed Keeper® spear attached to the eye of the hook. This system means speedy hookups and more fish, while keeping the trailer straight, solid and virtually weedless. [more]


Multi-Position adjustable weight. Adjust the weight position on the shank to achieve different swimming actions. Extra wide gap. Tapered locking spring securely holds bait in place cast after cast. Easily add or remove bait without damage [more]

Eagle Claw 147 Kahle®

Classic Kahle® horizontal, Up eye, offset, wide bend, single snell, bronze. [more]

Eagle Claw L197 Circle Bait
$4.29 - $24.99

Forged offset, ringed eye, 95% lip hook rate, Lazer Sharp®, Sea Guard?, saltwater package. [more]

Eagle Claw BAITHASST1 Hook

Eagle Claw BAITHASST1 Hook Assortment, 211 per Pack, Bronze, Size 1/2/4/6/8, Bait Holder [more]

Eagle Claw 214 Aberdeen
$6.49 - $10.99

Non-offset, ringed eye, light wire, bronze. [more]

Owner Gorilla Light Bait Hooks

A lighter version of our Gorilla hooks for a more natural presentation. Use for rigging smaller live baits like anchovies, or natural baits for snappers and sheepshead. Ideal when nose-hooking baitfish for king mackerel rigs. Gorilla Lights are a short shank all-purpose bait hook. Features include… [more]

Owner Saltwater Tournament Mutu Light Circle Hooks
$4.09 - $5.09

Designed to meet accepted billfish "tournament" specifications with its in-line, non-offset hook point that is angled 90° to the XX-strong shank. A versatile hook for presenting larger baits to big gamefish, and ideal for catch-and-release fishing. Features included a forged "hangnail" point and a… [more]

Owner Saltwater Mutu Circle Hooks
$7.59 - $37.99

Perfect for light tackle saltwater bait fishing. Lighter wire encourages live baits to swim more naturally. Hook design is great for catch-and-release. Features a super sharp, "hangnail" forged point and a corrosion-resistant black chrome finish. [more]

Owner Bass Hooks Offset Shank

Worm hooks, with a worm-holding 90° bend shoulder. Preferred by many bass anglers for straight and easy rigging of plastic worms. Features include Cutting Point? and a black chrome finish. [more]

Owner Flyliner Saltwater Hooks
$5.29 - $26.99

Featuring Cutting Point?, short shank and a black chrome finish to resist saltwater corrosion. Ideal for rigging anchovies, sardines, smelt, strip baits or other small bait fish. [more]

880 Results
Per Page 30 60
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