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Knot2Kinky Knot 2 Kinky Wire
$9.39 - $18.99

Our Knot 2 Kinky wire is a super elastic alloy which can be stretched and bent at least ten times more than ordinary steel leaders without permanent deformation. The perfect formula of Nickel and Titanium alloys creates a super elastic property which allows a fish to apply an enormous bite. The… [more]

Product Rating
4.5 stars
 (2 Reviews)
Hi-Seas Quattro Monofilament
$17.49 - $109.99

Extruded 4-color line (blue, GREEN, red, and black are alternated throughout). The result is a virtually invisible line which does not reflect light. Equally important is Quattro's blend of softness and strength. [more]

Sunline Super FC Sniper and Fluorocarbon
$30.99 - $37.99

Super fluorocarbon line that was born in Japan and remains in the perennial No. 1 spot in the Japanese market, with too many tournament trophies to count. A line with huge potential, steadily racking up wins in the United States as well. Newly revamped and even easier to use now for anglers in the… [more]


A new 100% fluorocarbon line featuring our patented Pion Technology. Assassin is the first product launched in the US featuring Pion Technology. Pion processing improves slickness, abrasion resistance and longevity of your line by chemically altering the line's surface to allow resin processing to… [more]

Trik Fish Game Fish Green

The Trik Fish difference: Unlike nylon, which is weakened when stretched, Trik Fish Armour Tough monofilament line restores itself to near full strength after being stretched to the limit! It's Stronger: It's known for its strength.It's durable, it maintains its tensile strength hundreds of times… [more]

Ande Pink Fluorocarbon Leader Material
$23.99 - $59.99

Leader 100% Fluorocarbon Leader on 50yd. Wrist Spools and 1lb. Bulk Spools from 20lb. - 150lb. tests. All Fluorocarbons are not equal. ANDE is 100% Fluorocarbon with all the properties you expect from a Fluorocarbon Leader. Excellent knot strength, strong abrasion resistance, low stretch, doesn't… [more]

Maxima Ultragreen Monofilament
$3.89 - $16.49

This is the original green monofilament. This is a great all-around line for both freshwater and general saltwater fishing, casting well on spinning, bait casting and larger conventional reels. And even though it's soft and limp, Ultragreen retains Maxima's legendary tough, high durability finish… [more]

Mason " Big Cat" Catfish B
$13.49 - $19.99

Mason Tackle Co. offers this all new braided nylon line for the serious fisherman. It is designed for fighting the big powerful cats. Excellent for still fishing or trolling. This braided line is tan color, but will absorb the color of the water to insure catching the wily catfish. This line is… [more]

P-Line Fluorocarbon Line
$17.99 - $41.99

P-Line's castable 100% Soft Fluorocarbon is extruded from the highest quality Japanese Fluorocarbon Crystals. With a reflective index very close to that of water, FLUOROCARBON is clear in color and nearly invisible in the water, ensuring more strikes. (Measures 250 yards in length) [more]

P-Line PTFL-200-6 Tactical

Tactical Fluorocarbon 200 Yards 6LB. [more]

P-Line PTFL-200-12 Tactical

Tactical Fluorocarbon 200 Yards 12LB. [more]

Vicious Fluorocarbon Fishing Line
$12.49 - $19.49

Vicious Fishing Clear Fluorocarbon Fishing Line has low memory, extremely low stretch, high abrasion resistance, and great tensile and knot strength. Vicious Fishing Fluorocarbon Fishing Line offers the angler the ability to fish the line applicable to their technique by providing a product that is… [more]

Cortland Fairplay Tippet

Made from the same high tensile strength polymers as the Fairplay leaders. Providing anglers with an effective and economical tippet material. [more]

Berkley Vanish
$12.99 - $17.99

The most flexible, easiest casting fluorocarbon. 100% fluorocarbon has a similar refractive index to water, so fish can't see it. Best Vanish formula ever, with 20% better shock strength, improved knot strength and easier to handle. Non-absorbing fluorocarbon maintains strength and abrasion… [more]

Malin Soft Monel Trolling Line
$30.99 - $129.99

Solid monel trolling line. 300 foot spools - connected/box. [more]

Seaguar Flourocarbon Leader

Tough fish. Rocks and wicked structure. No problem. This genuine 100% fluorocarbon leader material delivers incredible abrasion resistance and maximum impact and knot strength, all with a smaller line diameter than monofilament. This fast-sinking line gets you in the "strike zone" quicker, and with… [more]

Sunline Super Fc Sniper
$26.99 - $94.99

Natural Clear color, Super fluorocarbon line that was born in Japan and remains in the perennial No. 1 spot in the Japanese market, with too many tournament trophies to count. A line with huge potential, steadily racking up wins in the United States as well. Newly revamped and even easier to use… [more]

AFW Surflon®
$4.29 - $7.99

Improved Surflon® 1x7 is a great, all-around leader wire for toothy fish. This wire is our Surfstrand® 1x7 stainless steel with a smooth coating of nylon. A specially selected grade of nylon, tough yet flexible, is used to seal out water, reduce visibility, and improve the life of the line. We… [more]

Trik Fish Original Saltwater Leader Wrist Spools
$4.89 - $35.99

This super abrasion resistant line is made from patented perlon polymer tougher than mono and great knot strength. [more]

AFW Tooth Proof®
$2.19 - $23.99

Provides maximum protection against the ferocious jaws of Barracuda, King Mackerel, Wahoo and other toothy fish. Made from specially controlled Type 304 stainless steel alloy to be hard, but not brittle, and to deliver the perfect combination of flexibility and strength. Abrasion resistance, unique… [more]

Malin Stainless Steel Wire
$2.49 - $22.99

Highest grade chromium nickel alloy stainless steel wire. Guaranteed not to corrode or rust. Solid single strand. Perfectly straight when uncoiled. 42 ft. coils or 1/4 #. coils. Sizes 2 through 9 feature exclusive dispensers - roll off what's needed, roll back what's not. [more]

$13.49 - $134.99

J-Braid line is a complete line up of high quality 8 carrier braid made of the finest materials from Japan. 8 Strands of tightly woven fibers makes for a perfectly round profile. The result is a much stronger, softer and smoother line that is more sensitive and farther casting. J-Braid is one of… [more]

Malin Stainless Steeltrolling Wire
$25.99 - $32.99

Soft stainless steel trolling wire. [more]

Berkley Gorilla
$24.99 - $26.99

Half the diameter, twice the strength compared to mono. Sinking braid. Excellent value. [more]

Sufix 832 BRAID 150 Yds
$19.99 - $79.99

R8 Precision Braiding and fiber technology provides superior strength, roundness and line consistency. Constructed of 8 fibers and 32 weaves per inch. GORE® Performance Fibers improve abrasion resistance, increase casting length/accuracy & reduces line vibration. Dyneema® fibers provide high… [more]

Power Pro Super 8 Slick Hi-vis Yellow
$18.99 - $209.99

Stronger & thinner.Smooth as Silk, 8 yarn Spectra fiber construction braided under high tension to create a live surface that feels smooth as silk. Cast like a Bullet, reduced line friction on the spool and through the rod guides allows Super 8 Slick to cast like a bullet. Silent as Assassin.… [more]

Berkley BFLFS10-MT FireLine Metered

Metered FireLine -An exceptionally practical color-coding on the Strongest, Most Abrasion-Resistant superline! Five, 10-foot color sections make measuring your line simple. Know exactly how much line you have out at all times. A simple, revolutionary idea that enhances all techniques that rely on… [more]

Malin Straight Leader Wire

100 pieces per tube, each 36" long. [more]

Berkley Trilene Sensation-Pro Line
$9.99 - $13.49

Berkley Trilene Sensation-Professional Grade- is ultra strong and thin that is made with the highest strength-per-diameter mono, wet or dry. It is super sensitive to detect light bites, has low memory for outstanding castability and handling, and has maximum knot strength for more fish-fighting… [more]

P-Line Halo Fluorocarbon
$19.99 - $29.99

The future of fluorocarbon fishing line is Co-Fluoride which blends various pure fluorocarbon crystals. This gives anglers the best combination of strength, sensitivity, castability and invisibility under water. Halo has a higher specific gravity, giving the line a much faster sink rate and is mist… [more]

412 Results
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