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Ice lures

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K&E Moxy Jigs

Long slender body with attached metal wings. [more]

JB Candy-cane Teardrop

These "Teardrop" lures are nickel plated on the back and hand-painted on the front in a two-tone design. [more]

Northland Doodle Bug Spoon

Designed with a flat belly & wide angle "bug" body that flashes and flutters to mimic one of panfish's most desired meals...a delicious water bug. Hot Super-Glo "neon" attractor colors glow forever...and lure fish like a magnet. Lethal for Crappie, Perch, Walleye & Trout. [more]

JB Big Bad Bo
$4.69 - $19.08

Great little vertical jigging lure from JB Lures. Comes in two sizes 1/8 and 1/16 and six fish catching colors, all of which are glow. Big Bad Bo has a small flicker blade added to entice and fish and trigger more strikes. Comes packaged one per blister. Go Kick Some Fin! [more]

Northland Creep Worm

The Creep Worm mimics one of gamefish's most desired treats... a juicy wax worm. It is molded with an Eagle-Claw® Lazer-Sharp hook, and features a segmented larvae grub body that is deadly on Panfish, Perch, Walleye, Sauger & Trout. [more]

K&E Moon Shine & Glitter

The Moon Shine features a two-tone painted front with a large double eye. The Moon Glitter features a various colors sprinkled with glitter. The back is polished nickel for added flash. 24 per card. [more]


Colors: Bright Red/Chartreuse Glow, Bright Green/Light Green Glow, Dark Purple/Light Purple Glow, Chartreuse/White Glow, Bright Blue/White Glow. [more]


Colors: Green/Yellow Glow, Coral/White Glow, Blue/White Glow, Orange/Light Orange Glow, Purple/White Glow . [more]


Contains: Assortment of hooks, tin jigs and split shots, swivels, all in a reusable tackle box and tackle used for targeting crappie and other small pan fish. 55 Pieces per kit. [more]


The most lifelike miniature sized jigging spoon on the market today. It's molded from metal, and features a unique minnow design that flashes and flutters to mimic gamefish's most desired forage... a crippled minnow. A high performance VMC® Cone-Cut treble, and our lifelike "Holographic" 3D… [more]


Colors: Fluorescent Orange Glow, Fluorescent Green Glow, Black/hot Pink Glow, Bright Blue Glow, Fluorescent Orange/yellow Glow. [more]


The FORAGE MINNOW® FRY is the most lifelike looking panfish jig ever designed! It features an Mustad® Ultra-Point hook, and a highly reflective "holographic" Baitfish-Image® body that quivers, shimmers & shines to imitate fishes favorite forage, a miniature minnow fry! They are deadly on Perch,… [more]


Features a highly reflective "Holographic" Baitfish-Image® design that imitates game- fishes most desired forage . . . a fingerling shiner minnow! Lifelike "holographic" 3-D eyes make this the most realistic looking minnow jig on the market! It's deadly on Perch, Crappie, Walleye, Bass and Trout! [more]

JB Bulk Glitter Glows

The "Glitter Glow" has a glow "belly" with painted sides, a glittered back, and an epoxy finish. [more]

JB Varmit

A molded vertical Jigging Spoon, attractively painted in two sizes and six glow colors and a Gold color. Great for Walleye and Panfish. Comes armed with a Red Treble. [more]

JB Charmers

"Charmers" are spin molded on a unique bronze fly hook. The slotted propellers may be removed and re-added according to the mood of the fish. Charmers come in six glow in the dark fish catching colors. [more]

K&E Sitka Shad Jig

Sz6 Assorted 12Cd [more]

HT Glow Jig Charger

Great for recharging items that glow such as glow jigs. Extra bright LED system. Great for a quick or emergency light source. [more]

K&E Moon Shad-o

A great new "Natural" look to this moon jig. Painted to imitate an injured minnow. [more]

K&E Ant

This lure is a hackle dressed wet fly on a #12 hook. Good for trout and panfish. [more]

K&E Black Moon Jigs

An assortment of black moon jigs with assorted glitter colors. [more]

K&E Moon Glitter Jigs

The Moon Glitter features each side painted a different color with contrasting dot on front and sprinkled with glitter on the back. [more]

Nils Master Replacement Chains & Hooks
$3.54 - $4.60

These hooks are popular for ice fishing. These hooks are also popular for customizing other jigs and spoons. [more]

Northland Tungsten Fireball Rigs

Features a compact profile with an ultra-fast drop to get down quick in deep water. The heavy-weight molded tungsten head provides an ultra fast drop rate, plummeting through slush, thick vegetation, brush and current getting to deep fish. Use these rigs when fishing deep water cover for perch and… [more]

Northland Whistler Spoon
$5.56 - $5.79

Forged from solid brass and features a CutSlab? Macho Minnow® body that erratically tumbles and flashes on the fall. Hollow brass beads clack, clang & clatter while a sonic whistling prop blade lures Walleyes, Perch, Pike & Trout from a wide distance. [more]

Salmo Zipper

This creative design for a lipless crankbait delivers more vibration, a louder rattle and better overall fishability than anything else in its class. Casting is probably the most popular way of fishing the Salmo Zipper. Many anglers like to cast them out and simply reel them in fast, and this works… [more]

K&E Pelkie Tungsten Jigs
$2.20 - $2.39

Tungsten Weight Ice Jigs w/Ultra Sharp Hooks Tungsten is heavier than lead so you can use a smaller profile jig. Extra sharp hooks, semi - balanced style for great action when jigged. Glass bead on collar for added attraction. [more]

173 Results
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