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Ice lures

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Nils Master Replacement Chains & Hooks
$3.83 - $4.59

These hooks are popular for ice fishing. These hooks are also popular for customizing other jigs and spoons. [more]

K&E Smelt Stick
$2.87 - $3.45

Great for Smelt and also for Perch, Bluegill. Crappie, Walleye, and more. [more]

Venom 5.5018 Tungsten Drop Jig 5

Tungsten Drop Jig 5 #12 - Yellow Firetiger [more]

Venom 5.5017 Tungsten Drop Jig 5

Tungsten Drop Jig 5 #12 - Orange Firetiger [more]

Nils Master Niles Master Glow Hali
$5.49 - $7.89

The Hali Sukkula Jigs are very popular for vertical jigging while ice fishing. These jigs feature a slim minnow body with a #10 chain hook. These jigs come in 3 sizes. The sizes are as follows: 25mm or 1 1/4" and 3/16 ounce, 35mm or 1 1/2" and 5/16 ounce, 50mm or 2" and 7/16 ounce [more]

Eagle Claw ICTSJ12-PO Tungsten

Tungsten Artic Jig Size 12 Pearl Orange Glow [more]

Lindy LQSP268 Quiver Spoon 1/16oz

Quiver Spoon 1/16oz Perch/Gold [more]

Northland IBHSF1-13 Impulse Helium

Impulse Helium Stonefly 1/50oz 2cd GlWht [more]

VMC RTS14GGFU Rattle Spoon 1/4oz

Rattle Spoon 1/4oz Glow Green Fire UV [more]

Johnson SNR1/16ICE-BGD Snare Spoon

Snare Spoon Ice Black Gold 1/16oz [more]

VMC GRT12GLCHPP Glow Resin Treble

Glow Resin Treble #12 Glow Chartreuse [more]

Northland Air-plane®

Flies in a semi-circle when vertically jigged or dropped on the free-fall. It is molded with a heavy duty Eagle-Claw Lazer Sharp hook, and features genuine "bucktail" hair that swims, throbs & pulsates to imitate gamefishes' favorite forage. Lifelike "Holographic" Baitfish-Image colors… [more]

Northland Puppet Minnow

The most versatile and lethal jigging lure ever designed for vertical jigging below a boat or thru an ice hole. Tie one on and hang on. Lip-stick wide angle hooks. Allows anglers to change actions in seconds. Durable tail fin provides lifelike horizontal swimming action. Holographic bait-fish-image… [more]

Lindy LPTKS27 Perch Talker Small

Perch Talker Small Sherbet [more]

Lindy FJ3121 Rattl'n Flyer Spoon

Rattl'n Flyer Spoon 1/8oz Orange Tiger [more]

VMC Flash Champ Spoon
$4.31 - $4.49

When conditions call for both brawn and beauty the VMC Flash Champ spoon is the answer. Constructed of heavy duty Brass the spoon can manage continuous attacks by large game fish or schools of aggressive panfish. Beveled edges and tapered design offer an enticing fluttering action. While an array… [more]

VMC Rattle Spoon
$4.29 - $4.49

It's Hammer Time!! Introducing the VMC® Rattle Spoon with an un-matched resonance chamber made of brass and multiple beads gives anglers the edge over other rattling spoons on the market. The shortened chamber allows the angler to impede sound with minimal jigging distance while maintaining action… [more]

Northland Buck-Shot Glider Spoon
$5.08 - $5.29

Featuring molded-in wings that cause an erratic darting action to mimic a wounded baitfish, the Northland Buck-Shot Glider Spoon calls the monsters in and triggers 'em to bite. The exclusive Baitfish-Image® finish paired with the vibrating Buck-Shot rattle provides an attractive presentation for… [more]

Clam Ant Drop

Like peas in a pod, 3 insect-suggesting segments combine to form a head-heavy jig. Generally hangs at a 45, with deadly 60-degree hook eye. Genz loves this one for how it almost never spins as it's lowered in the water. There's something about a segmented body that makes it behave differently. Fish… [more]


Slightly off balance tungsten body, oriented to produce a vertical presentation. Built to fish heavy and get you up and down fast. Punches through slush you left in the hole on purpose. As you pound it, looking for the killer cadence, it wobbles a bit, giving off an air of vulnerability. [more]

$3.06 - $3.19

A bug and shrimp imitator. "Thread the hook through main body," he says, "toward the twin tails. Make sure it's on there straight. Slide it all the way on, so it fishes horizontally, or put it on the hook only far enough that the twin tails face upward. This gives amazing action." As with many… [more]


The Perch Talker? keeps it simple using brass beads and discs creating color, flash, sound and water displacement. When vertically jigged the lure attracts fish from long distances while the dropper chain separates the bait from the lure for times when fish are in a neutral or negative mood.… [more]

$2.49 - $5.09

Bent ultralight spoon offering incredible action and flashy attraction. It comes complete with a size 1 or 2 snap, which promotes fluid movement. [more]

$5.27 - $10.49

In the heat of the summer when big hawgs are holding on sunken islands and other bottom structures. pro anglers turn to a traditional winter lure, the Jigging Rap, that swims in tantalizing circles right in the middle of deep game fish. [more]

VMC Tingler Spoon
$3.69 - $3.99

You've asked for it, and now we've delivered. The VMC Tingler Spoon's unmatched wide wobbling action exaggerates the movement of dying baitfish with its unique curved body and V-Shaped design. Large Holographic Eye, wide variety of holographic attractor and live baitfish patterns increase your odds… [more]

Nils Master Duolock Chains

Hali duolock chains are great for quick hook or jig changes for changing fishing conditions. [more]

Northland UV Buck-Shot®

Highly visible, UV-enhanced, optical-brightened finish acts like a magnet for crappies, walleye and perch. The Buck-Shot Rattle Spoon ticks, thumps and clicks to lure fish from long range. [more]

$3.99 - $4.29

Bulk up with multiple maggots, waxies or buggy plastics. Take on anything, up to monster crappies, bull bluegill, jumbo perch, even bass, walleyes and pike. Bulbous front, tapered back. Typically hangs at about a 45¼ angle, with a pivoting hook that finds the top of fish mouths on the hookset. [more]


The Rapala Ultra Light Rippin Rap delivers a loud rattling, hard vibrating action in a bite-sized package. Perfect for matching small forage or fishing your local pond, the Rapala Ultra Light Rippin Rap is great for ripping out of grass or yo-yoing off the bottom. Pair it up with lighter line and a… [more]

Johnson SNR1/16ICE-CHGT Snare Spoon

Snare Spoon Ice Chart Glow Tiger 1/16oz [more]

1106 Results
Per Page 30 60
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