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Ice lures

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Johnson Johnson SNR1/16ICE-PGT Snare Spoon

Snare Spoon Ice Pink Glow Tiger 1/16oz [more]

Johnson Johnson SNR1/16ICE-BGD Snare Spoon

Snare Spoon Ice Black Gold 1/16oz [more]

Johnson Johnson SNR1/16ICE-BSV Snare Spoon

Snare Spoon Ice Black Silver 1/16oz [more]

Johnson Johnson SNR1/8ICE-CHGT Snare Spoon

Snare Spoon Ice Chart Glow Tiger 1/8oz [more]

Clam CLAM 10233 Time Bomb Spoon, 1/8oz

Time Bomb Spoon, 1/8oz Glow Purple Tiger [more]

Clam CLAM 10205 Matdi, Hot Pink Glow

Matdi, Hot Pink Glow [more]

Clam CLAM 10194 Maki, 1 1/4" Blaze

Maki, 1 1/4" Blaze Orange Glow [more]

Clam CLAM 10198 Bloodi, Pumpkin Blck

Bloodi, Pumpkin Blck Flake [more]

Clam CLAM 10197 Bloodi, Wtrml Red Flake

Bloodi, Wtrml Red Flake [more]

Clam CLAM 10200 Bloodi, Leech Slvr Flake

Bloodi, Leech Slvr Flake [more]

Clam CLAM 10204 Matdi, Chartruese Glow

Matdi, Chartruese Glow [more]

TriggerX Wax Tail

The Trigger X® Wax Tail offers incredible action with the slightest movement of the rod tip. Pinch off the tail section and they can also be used to replicate a juicy waxworm. Ridged body offers life-like texture while an array of solid or top-to-bottom dual colors, and the enhanced Ultra Glow… [more]

$4.89 - $4.99

Clam Time Bomb Spoons are fast dropping baits that have an exclusive clicking and ticking sound that mimics wounded prey moving along the water's bottom. Combine this with the amazing array of attractants that these spoons offer and you have an unstoppable lure that no fish can resist. Clam Time… [more]

Northland Northland IBSKM1-61 Impulse

Impulse Skeleton Minnow 1.5 In. 20/Disc Pink White [more]

Northland Northland IBSKM1-9 Impulse Skeleton

Impulse Skeleton Minnow 1.5 In. 20/Disc Blood Red [more]

Northland Northland TLF10-9 Tungsten Larve

Tungsten Larve Fly 1/50oz 1cd BldWrm [more]

Northland Northland IBSKM1-4 Impulse Skeleton

Impulse Skeleton Minnow 1.5 In. 20/Disc Purple Passion [more]

NW Metro Tackle Perch Eye Jigs

The Perch Eye Jig is becoming a favorite for crappie fishermen. It's also effective for panfish and walleye and can be easily seen on electronics. Colors attract fish day or night... even in stained or muddy water. Tip with minnow or grub. [more]

Nils Master Lahti Jigs
$5.49 - $7.89

HALI product line offers jigs from the tiniest mormuska type jig to big and heavy balance jigs in variety of color options with large glow color selection. All balance jigs come with glow treble hooks for that extra added attraction. [more]


Quickly and easily thread minnow heads and parts onto Northland's Minnow Head Clip-On treble hooks while ensuring bait won't be lost each time a hungry fish strikes. Unique hinged action creates erratic bait movements when pounding the spoon. Quick clips make on and off simple. Extra-sharp black… [more]

Custom Jigs Diamond Jigs

A small Compact Jig that fishes "heavy" for deeper Bluegill & Crappie. The Diamond Jig offers excellent hooking potential because the hook rides at a 45° angle. 12 Per card. [more]

Custom Jigs Gill Pill Jigs

The Half Moon head of the Gill Pill gives it an enticing fluttering motion during the drop that fish find irresistible. 12 Per card. [more]

HT Glow Jig Charger

Great for recharging items that glow such as glow jigs. Extra bright LED system. Great for a quick or emergency light source. [more]

K&E Moon Shad-o

A great new "Natural" look to this moon jig. Painted to imitate an injured minnow. [more]

K&E Ant

This lure is a hackle dressed wet fly on a #12 hook. Good for trout and panfish. [more]

K&E Black Moon Jigs

An assortment of black moon jigs with assorted glitter colors. [more]

K&E Moon Glitter Jigs

The Moon Glitter features each side painted a different color with contrasting dot on front and sprinkled with glitter on the back. [more]

Northland Whistler Spoon
$5.56 - $5.79

Forged from solid brass and features a CutSlab? Macho Minnow® body that erratically tumbles and flashes on the fall. Hollow brass beads clack, clang & clatter while a sonic whistling prop blade lures Walleyes, Perch, Pike & Trout from a wide distance. [more]

Northland Forage Minnow Fry

It features an Eagle-Claw® Lazer-Sharp hook, and a highly reflective "holographic" Baitfish-Image? design that shines, shimmers & quivers to imitate fishes favorite forage... a miniature minnow fry. Lifelike "holographic" 3D eyes fool'em every time. They are deadly on Perch, Sunfish, Crappie,… [more]

792 Results
Per Page 30 60
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