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Ice lures

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Northland Eye-dropper®

Stamped from metal, and features a spoon shaped body that wiggles, wobbles, flashes and flutters to imitate a crippled minnow. Highly reflective "holographic" 3D eyes and lifelike Baitfish-Image? "match-the-hatch" patterns fool fish. Perch, Crappie, Walleye, Bass & Trout wait in line to hammer this… [more]

Northland Forage Minnow Fry

It features an Eagle-Claw® Lazer-Sharp hook, and a highly reflective "holographic" Baitfish-Image? design that shines, shimmers & quivers to imitate fishes favorite forage... a miniature minnow fry. Lifelike "holographic" 3D eyes fool'em every time. They are deadly on Perch, Sunfish, Crappie,… [more]

Northland Forage Minnow Jig'n Spoons

The Forage Minnow® Jig'n Spoon is the most lifelike miniature sized jigging spoon on the market today. It's molded from metal, and features a unique minnow design that flashes and flutters to mimic gamefish's most desired forage... a crippled minnow. A high performance VMC® Cone-Cut treble, and our… [more]

Northland Buck-Shot Glider Spoon
$5.29 - $5.49

Featuring molded-in wings that cause an erratic darting action to mimic a wounded baitfish, the Northland Buck-Shot Glider Spoon calls the monsters in and triggers 'em to bite. The exclusive Baitfish-Image® finish paired with the vibrating Buck-Shot rattle provides an attractive presentation for… [more]

K&E Tapiola Tungsten Jigs

The tungsten design adds a semi-balanced design with a flat bottom and curved top. The shape causes an erratic darting action, irresistible to all panfish. [more]

Clam Ant Drop

Like peas in a pod, 3 insect-suggesting segments combine to form a head-heavy jig. Generally hangs at a 45, with deadly 60-degree hook eye. Genz loves this one for how it almost never spins as it’s lowered in the water. There’s something about a segmented body that makes it behave… [more]

Bartness Moon Glow Jigs
$0.99 - $14.28

The Moon Glow Jig is one of our most popular jigs. Its moon shaped body resembles larva... and sends fish into a "feeding frenzy". It's also easily seen on electronics. Brilliant colors that attract fish day or night... even in stained or muddy water. Tip with minnow or grub. [more]

Rapala Jigging Shad Rap

The Jigging Shad Rap, with its proven shad shape, swims in tantalizing circles right in the middle of suspended game fish. Feature single reversed and center treble hooks and a center eyelet for exceptional balance. [more]

K&E Moon Jigs

Various color options to choose from. [more]


The versatile VMC® Minnow Jig can be fished by bottom pounding or as a precision balanced suspended presentation during all times of the year. Addition of a dressed feather tail with flash fibers further enhances the life-like minnow action. Holographic Eyes and in a wide variety of holographic… [more]

TriggerX Minnow

The basic minnow profile delivers an erratic, gliding action along with subtle tail vibration. rig it Texas style or on jig head. [more]


Reflective micro ""scales"" are visually appealing and mimic descaling prey Shad flavor emulates real shad, top prey for Crappie Enough attractant in each tube for ~150 applications and will stay on/in a tube 15-30 minutes. [more]


VMC® Larvae Jigs come ready to fish right out of the package. Each is pre-rigged with the TriggerX Larvae soft bait made to attract fish and hold 'em by maximizing taste and texture. The exclusive VMC Power Gap hook delivers a wider round gap to increase your hook rate percentage while the 90û hook… [more]

Nils Master HALI
$5.29 - $5.49

HALI product line offers jigs from the tiniest mormuska type jig to big and heavy balance jigs in variety of color options with large glow color selection. All balance jigs come with glow treble hooks for that extra added attraction. All HALI jigs are handcrafted in Finland. [more]

VMC Wax Tail Jigs

Live Bait no longer needed! The ready-to-fish VMC® Wax Tail Jig is pre-rigged with the Trigger X® Wax Tail soft bait (alsosold separately). The innovative Trigger X® material attracts fish and maximizes taste and texture to ensure when fish bite they hold on tight! The exclusive VMC® Power Gap hook… [more]

JB Varmit

A molded vertical Jigging Spoon, attractively painted in two sizes and six glow colors and a Gold color. Great for Walleye and Panfish. Comes armed with a Red Treble. [more]


Great little vertical jigging lure from JB Lures. Comes in two sizes 1/8 and 1/16 and six fish catching colors, all of which are glow. Big Bad Bo has a small flicker blade added to entice and fish and trigger more strikes. Comes packaged one per blister. Go Kick Some Fin! [more]


The super-charged IMPULSE® Attractant is infused with a baked-in MicroPlankton? formula fish can't resist. Proven 143% More Effective than leading brand! [more]


The super-charged IMPULSE® Attractant is infused with a baked-in MicroPlankton? formula fish can't resist. Proven 143% More Effective than leading brand! [more]

Lindy Slick Jig
$2.59 - $3.49

The Slick Jig is sliding and gliding its way into ice fishing's elite family of go-to lures. Jig it sharply and let it slide down naturally, bounce it repeatedly near the bottom or experiment with new methods to see how fish react. Slick Jigs are available in three sizes (3/16, 1/4, 5/8 oz.) and in… [more]

Berkley Atomic Dogbone

Shape mimics small aquatic insects. The high action tails entice finicky fish complimented by a unique shape. Dogbone can be rigged two ways for different yet tempting actions. Bait is loaded with PowerBait® scent and flavor. [more]

Lindy Lindy Bug

The weight-forward design of the Lindy Bug panfish ice fishing jig allows it's hook to sit in perfect position to stick any crappie, bluegill or perch that gets close enough to sniff it. The weighting and angle of the line tie keeps the jig hanging horizontal and swimming lifelike, and the flat top… [more]

Lindy Foo Flyer

The Lindy Foo Flyer's erratic darting and fleeing action emulates a distressed baitfish. The flattened top of the jig allows the Foo Flyer to swim, dart and fly far beyond the restrictions of most vertically oriented ice fishing presentations. The Foo Flyer works well on its own, but unlike most… [more]

$5.89 - $5.99

Turns a floater into a sinker! Todays Tackle Crank Weights add depth to any crankbaits. Great for Walleye, Bass, Northern, Trout and Crappie. [more]

Eagle Claw Ice Jig Kits
$5.59 - $5.89

15 - Pc. Eagle Claw Ice Jig Kits An assortment of 1/4 and 3/8-oz. jigs in various color. Perfect for catching crappies, bluegill, trout, perch, bass and walleye. [more]

Ice Armor SPIIKI

Nip hook or thread it on. Fish it horizontally or curl it into the hook shank on a vertical jig for an 'upward' orientation. Trim it and it becomes an awesome little whip tail. Pound it on the bottom, so it looks like a bloodworm coming out. Float it upward, making it twitch and swim. Just make… [more]


Bent ultralight spoon offering incredible action and flashy attraction. It comes complete with a size 1 or 2 snap, which promotes fluid movement. [more]

Salmo Zipper

This creative design for a lipless crankbait delivers more vibration, a louder rattle and better overall fishability than anything else in its class. Casting is probably the most popular way of fishing the Salmo Zipper. Many anglers like to cast them out and simply reel them in fast, and this works… [more]

Best Minnesota Teardrops
$16.68 - $19.08

When it comes to ice fishing, the Tear Drop® outsells and out-catches them all! This lure was perfected by Art Best many years ago, and is still soldered and painted by hand in the USA, using top quality Mustad Hooks. Nickel Back. [more]

Northland Air-plane®
$7.79 - $8.59

Flies in a semi-circle when vertically jigged or dropped on the free-fall. It is molded with a heavy duty Eagle-Claw Lazer Sharp hook, and features genuine "bucktail" hair that swims, throbs & pulsates to imitate gamefishes' favorite forage. Lifelike "Holographic" Baitfish-Image colors… [more]

204 Results
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