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Ice lures

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Try the Trigger X® Larvae and you'll never have to stop at the bait store again! The size and texture match that of the real thing! These little "fish snacks" can be used in multiple applications. A wide variety of vibrant solid or top-to-bottom dual and Ultra Glow colors lasting up to 15 minutes… [more]

TriggerX Nymph

The Trigger X® Nymph replicates small aquatic insects and crustaceans that are primary food sources for fish year 'round. Tubular body makes rigging a breeze while the life-like appendages flicker and flutter enticing any weary predator to bite and hold on tight. A wide variety of vibrant solid and… [more]


With its worm-like body and long tapering tail the Trigger X® Spike Worm is one of the most versatile soft baits for panfish. Rigged in several different positions to create the desired action, these little worms can be twitched, fluttered, or flapped to trigger the bite. Attracting colors range… [more]

VMC Wax Tail Jigs

Live Bait no longer needed! The ready-to-fish VMC® Wax Tail Jig is pre-rigged with the Trigger X® Wax Tail soft bait (alsosold separately). The innovative Trigger X® material attracts fish and maximizes taste and texture to ensure when fish bite they hold on tight! The exclusive VMC® Power Gap hook… [more]

K&E Moon Scales

Assorted colors. [more]

Rapala Jigging Rap®
$5.49 - $8.49

In the heat of the summer when big hawgs are holding on sunken islands and other bottom structures. pro anglers turn to a traditional winter lure, the Jigging Rap, that swims in tantalizing circles right in the middle of deep game fish. [more]

TriggerX Wax Tail
$2.99 - $3.29

The Trigger X® Wax Tail offers incredible action with the slightest movement of the rod tip. Pinch off the tail section and they can also be used to replicate a juicy waxworm. Ridged body offers life-like texture while an array of solid or top-to-bottom dual colors, and the enhanced Ultra Glow… [more]

Northland Macho Minnow
$4.79 - $6.29

Boldest, toughest and most lethal minnow imitating jigging spoon ever developed for vertical jigging below a boat or ice hole! It is engineered from cut brass, and features a CutSlab? beveled edge design that creates an eratic tumbling, darting action to imitate a crippled minnow. Highly reflective… [more]

K&E Pelkie Tungsten Jigs
$2.29 - $2.49

Tungsten Weight Ice Jigs w/Ultra Sharp Hooks Tungsten is heavier than lead so you can use a smaller profile jig. Extra sharp hooks, semi – balanced style for great action when jigged. Glass bead on collar for added attraction. [more]

Bay De Noc Swedish Pimple®
$2.49 - $7.39

This type of lure has been widely used in Sweden for over 100 years with exceptional results on both fresh and saltwater fish, year 'round. As a general rule, the larger sizes are for game fish in deep water lakes. The smaller sizes are for panfish in shallow lakes or trout, bass, etc. in rivers.… [more]

$3.49 - $5.29

The dingle dangles, creating movement with any motion. Swinging' chain and attractor bead lures fish in and pulls the trigger. Even inactive panfish fall for the dingle. [more]

K&E Dot Tiny Tear

The Tiny Tear features a gold size hook. [more]

K&E Moxy Jigs

Long slender body with attached metal wings. [more]

Lindy Darter

A proper ice fishing lure has long been defined as something small, not too flashy, and loaded with meat. After all, with water temperatures in the low to mid thirties, sluggish fish aren't looking for a large, loud lure. Or are they? Lindy decided to push the boundary, to make something with a… [more]

Northland Creep Worm

The Creep Worm mimics one of gamefish's most desired treats... a juicy wax worm. It is molded with an Eagle-Claw® Lazer-Sharp hook, and features a segmented larvae grub body that is deadly on Panfish, Perch, Walleye, Sauger & Trout. [more]


The super-charged IMPULSE® Attractant is infused with a baked-in MicroPlankton? formula fish can't resist. Proven 143% More Effective than leading brand! [more]

Lindy Techni-glo®
$3.49 - $3.89

A slender aerodynamic profile allows the Frostee to fall quickly. But this attractive bright-eyed and golden-hooked lure darts erratically when jigged. Tip a Frostee with a little minnow and your presentation flashes and flutters in the most fish-attracting way. [more]


Features a highly reflective "Holographic" Baitfish-Image® design that imitates game- fishes most desired forage . . . a fingerling shiner minnow! Lifelike "holographic" 3-D eyes make this the most realistic looking minnow jig on the market! It's deadly on Perch, Crappie, Walleye, Bass and Trout! [more]

VMC Larvae Jig

Introducing the VMC® Larvae Jig ready to fish right out of the package! Each jig is pre-rigged with the Trigger X Larvae soft bait (also sold separately). The innovative TriggerX material attracts fish and maximizes taste and texture to ensure when fish bite they hold on. The exclusive VMC® Power… [more]

Northland Predator Rig
$5.59 - $6.79

Perfect for catching large toothy predators like Northern Pike, Muskie, Walleye and Lake Trout below a tip-up or large float! It is constructed from 45# Surflon® Nylon Coated Stainless Steel wire and features a "Y-Yoke Harness™" designed to present both dead or live bait in the… [more]

Northland Fluorocarbon Predator Rig
$3.99 - $5.29

Ideal for Perch, Walleye, Pike and Trout. The Baitfish-Image Attractor Blade and razor sharp VMC blood red treble hook present both live and dead baits in the most natural way possible. These rigs work great below a tip-up, rattle reel or float. They are constructed with 7" of 15# Bionic… [more]


Colors: Green/Yellow Glow, Coral/White Glow, Blue/White Glow, Orange/Light Orange Glow, Purple/White Glow . [more]

K&E Moon Jig Kit

Kit includes six assorted Moon Jigs, two floats, two pegs and a depth finder. [more]

Bay De Noc Do Jiggers
$3.49 - $4.19

Flash More Fish with the "Do-Jigger®"! Our # 3 is great as a spin casting lure in summer for big trout, northern and bass, and the #1 as a casting or trolling lure for kokanee, jacks, smaller trout and bass. This polished metal spoon flashes in a lazy fluttering motion to whet the appetite of even… [more]

Northland Fishfry Minnow Trap

A new series of "sonic" Live-Forage® vibrating blade baits that replicate a "young-of-the-year" baitfish minnow fry to perfection. They are hand sculpted, and molded from light weight zinc to provide a darting crippled baitfish action when jigged, pumped, ripped or retrieved. Custom printed… [more]

Lindy Rattl'n Flyer Spoon
$4.59 - $4.99

Non-lead alloy construction gives the Rattl'n Flyer Spoon perfect weight balance. It's light enough to shimmer, dance, dart, or fly; yet heavy enough for the "feel" and downward momentum skilled spooners prefer. No need to use a swivel as this spoon does not spin on the "drop". This active lure is… [more]

HT Panfish Lure Kits
$6.39 - $8.59

Professionally selected group of proven ice fishing lures. Conveniently packaged in these value packed kits. [more]

Northland Eye-dropper® Jig

Stamped from metal, and features a spoon shaped body that wiggles, wobbles, flashes and flutters to imitate a crippled minnow. Highly reflective "holographic" 3D eyes and lifelike Baitfish-Image? "match-the-hatch" patterns fool fish. Perch, Crappie, Walleye, Bass & Trout wait in line to hammer this… [more]

Eagle Claw Walleye Ice Fishing Kits

Includes ice jigs, assorted soft plastic grubs, jig eye cleaner with line clipper, assorted ballheads, removable split shot sinkers, rod holder, ice cleats, ice scoop, floats and depth finder. [more]

179 Results
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